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Packing Materials

Shuriwood Ltd offers the most competitive range of cardboard boxes for all types of requirements.


We can also offer bespoke wooden cases any size or shape, from antiques to artworks.  Our cases are heat treated which means they are ready for Export purposes if needing to be sent Internationally.


We are responsible in the choice of materials we use and sell, for instance we only use recyclable cardboard manufactured from raw material taken from sustainable sources.


Our boxes are double walled corrugated cardboard construction they are durable but lightweight and are perfect for house moves, archive or ongoing storage needs.


When they are packed full and sealed our cardboard boxes are easy to stack in your home, vehicle or in storage.


Due to the quality and strength these boxes can be disassembled after use and stored or reused for a later date.


If you are unsure what you may need or require we are happy to quote, for further information, pricing details, or to discuss your individual requirements further, please contact us on: 01483 36 11 44 or email:

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